The Africa Oversight Coalition

⎿ ETA - 2024

What is The Africa Oversight?

The Africa Oversight (TAO) is a pioneering AI Safety Coalition dedicated to advancing the fairness and integrity of AI technologies in the Global South, with inaugaral focus on African nations. We are looking to coalesce with experts from organisations, government bodies, academia, and industry leaders to inform the steerable development and deployment of AI technologies(such as LLMs).


Evaluation Methods

TAO will employ a multifaceted approach for AI model evaluation, comprising:

  • Red Teaming Exercises: Conducting controlled adversarial attacks to probe for weaknesses and enhance model resilience.
  • Model API Evaluation: Rigorous testing of AI model performance across diverse datasets to ensure robustness and accuracy.
  • Human-Led Assessments: Leveraging the insight of skilled evaluators to judge model fairness and mitigate bias.

Development of Best Practices

Additionally, TAO will spearhead the creation of a comprehensive framework outlining best practices for the ethical development and deployment of AI models within the African context. This framework will be regularly updated and disseminated to African governments and businesses, serving as a guiding resource for responsible AI utilization.

Expression of Interest in The Oversight

This is a form to express your interest so that we can get in contact and explore a partnership. If you're interested in joining TAO and contributing to the advancement of AI safety and fairness in Africa, please express your interest below.