Equiano Institute.
AI Alignment Research Lab
A grassroots interdisciplinary responsible AI lab for Africa and the Global South. Researching technical alignment and governance of AI

Policy Impacts

Evaluating AI preparedness in Africa.

Economist Impacts

Evaluating AI impacts in emerging economies

Data Governance

Towards A Fair and Equitable Data Ecosystem for Low Resource Languages.

Preserving Languages

Transfer learning capabilities and contextuality to dissapearing languages.

Factored Cognition

How to break down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable subtasks.


AI Governance Fellowship

An online AI Governance fellowship for individuals who are interested in applying humanities and social sciences in AI

The Africa Oversight

An AI Safety Coalition dedicated to advancing the fairness and integrity of AI technologies in the Global South

The Working Group

A collective of dedicated individuals and organizations committed to fostering ethical AI practices, encouraging research, and addressing the societal implications of AI across Africa and largely the Global South.

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Economic Impacts

AI Alignment

Responsible AI



AI Alignment

Enhancing AI technical capacity in Africa through education and training initiatives.



Researching and formulating policies and governance of AI in Africa.


Economic Impacts

This research explores the potential disruptions and opportunities AI may create for employment.

Equiano Institute is committed to fostering talent capacity in AI through a variety of education like workshops, equiano scholars, events and residencies
Equiano Institute Scope & Methods
The Equiano Institute's research areas revolve around principles of fairness, accountability, interpretability, and responsibility (FAIR). Our work entails rigorous scientific research, including investigations into research winters, while emphasizing meta-science to improve research quality and reduce publication bias.

We are dedicated to studying the economic impacts of emerging technologies and potential displacements they might cause. Additionally, we engage in comprehensive research that spans development studies, economics and machine learning, leveraging insights from participatory research to shape a responsible and sustainable technological future.
Alignment Benchmarks Truthfulness ▋Alignment
Participation Dignity Fairness ▋Data
Policy Compute Ethics ▋GovAI
Productivity Impacts Labor ▋Economic