Ubuntu AI Working Group

Starting Jan 2024

About the Ubuntu AI Working Group

This is a collective of dedicated individuals and organizations committed to fostering ethical AI practices, encouraging research, and addressing the societal implications of AI across Africa and largely the Global South.



In recent years, the rapid development and deployment of AI technologies have brought about transformative possibilities across various sectors. However, it has become increasingly evident that the impact of AI is not uniform, and challenges, especially in the global south, need focused attention. The global south faces unique socio-economic, political, cultural, and infrastructural challenges that can exacerbate AI failure modes. From compute to limited access to data and resources, these issues demand a thoughtful and inclusive approach to ensure that AI technologies benefit diverse communities.


The working group seeks to solve some of these challenges through different work streams. These efforts encompass data , AI and compute governance, it also includes participation and democracy.

  • Standards in Data Governance
  • Towards a general framework of data governance in the global south.
    data flows
    data protection
  • AI Governance Frameworks
  • Towards frameworks, readiness and explainability of AI in the global south.
  • Compute Governance and Access
  • Towards AI procurement, compute and governance other resources(skills, languages, and infrastructure).
  • Participation and Democracy
  • Towards inclusive participatory methods for society with development of AI systems.

Expression of Interest

This is a form to express your interest so that we can get in contact and explore a partnership. If you are interested in contributing through roundtables your expertise to the Ubuntu AI Working Group, kindly register your interest by filling this form below. You can reach out to Jonas at [email protected] for inquiries or further questions.

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